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One Chair, Seven Games

VR Chair Games is a collection of seven challenging VR-experiences suitable to VR enthusiasts of all experience levels. Designed to be experienced from the comfort of your chair, each game has a duration of four minutes with the ultimate goal of obtaining the highest possible score for each gameplay session.

Zombie Apocalypse - You are the last survivor of a zombie apocalypse and your task is to slay as many zombies as you can using your axe-wielding skills. Chop off their heads and destroy the zombies before they destroy you!
Alien Attack - Prepare to battle aliens in a fight for humanity. Tripod aliens are wreaking havoc on the world and only a true hero can save the world from eternal devastation. Prepare your lasers!
Soaring Eagle - Soar like an eagle as you make your way through checkpoints looking for missing feathers.
Colony Outpost - Evil bugs have infiltrated a colony outpost and it is your objective to destroy them. Are you up for the challenge?
Leprechaun's Gold - Enjoy a night in the spooky Irish woods. Catch the Leprechaun in your gaze to snatch his Gold. Will you get away with it?
Championship Tennis - Show off your skills as a Tennis pro! Serve the ball and gain points for solid returns.
Blacksmith's Forge - Your kingdom is in a desperate need of swords. You must enter the blacksmith and use the anvil to create weaponry before cooling your swords in the wooden barrel.





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